National Notary Association Certified

As a Notary Signing Agent certified with the NNA and the Loan Signing System, I hold the most current state certifications and am always up to date on the latest California notarial laws.

Dominica Robinson


Dsigns Notary Services

$15 per notarized signature plus a $20.00 flat rate mileage-based travel fee for all general notary work. No travel fee within the Elk Grove City Limits

Commissioned by the state of California, I am happy to help you with any of your notarial needs. Please call or text for a quote.


Call to Make an appointment:
Confirm you have valid identification.

What to Bring

Bring with you a valid ID and your document(s). You may have your document(s) filled out prior to the appointment, but leave the signature line to sign in front of a notary.

Completing notarization (General Notary Work)

Notary will verify the signer, skim through the document(s) to make sure it’s completed, then have you sign the document(s) and their journal. The notary will then fill in the notarial certificate, put a seal on the document(s) or attach one.

Mission And Vision

We strongly believe in customer service. We strive to not just meet but exceed our clients’ and customers’ expectations. Our ritual routine includes a fast turnaround response time, as well as a sense of pride in accuracy and attention to detail.

Whether your loan document(s) were sent to us via overnight delivery or e-mailed to us, they will be handled with professionalism and executed with the highest standard of quality.

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D' Signs has the expertise, knowledge and experience to handle your most important confidential documents with care and precision.